Skate Servicing

Full details of our skate services. Including sharpening, stretchering, riveting, and heat moulding.

When you use your ice skates on a daily basis, they soon succumb to general wear and tear and once you have broken them in they may not feel quite as good as the day you put them on. Dull skates and ill-fitting boots can all contribute to a reduction in the quality of your performance on the ice.

Here at Puck Stop, we believe properly maintaining your equipment is essential in helping your performance. That is why we provide a range of skate services to keep your ice skates, and equipment looking and working at their best so that you can too.

We provide skate sharpening and depths of grind to suit every skater to ensure a responsive skate and greater control when skating. Additionally we also provide boot stretching, boot riveting and boot heat moulding to give your ice skates that fit perfectly to your own feet for more comfortable performance.

Whatever your skate servicing needs, our team of highly skilled and experienced skate maintenance staff can increase the comfort and durability of your skates. To find out more browse our full range of services below.

Skate Sharpening


This service is performed by staff with years of skate grinding experience. We offer various depth of grinds to suit every skater. We have both a BladeMaster manual skate grind machine and an automated Prosharp machine. We sharpen the following boots:


Only - £5.00

Figure Skates
Only - £6.00

Hockey grinds are offered on a same day basis (wait times may vary)

Figure Skate sharpening operates on a next day basis Tuesday to Thursday.
Skates brought in Friday-Sunday will be ready for collection on Tuesday morning.


Please note that brand new skates not purchased from us will incure a £2 extra charge for the first grind.


Skate Conversions


Skate Conversions (ice to roller or roller to ice) can be done on most boots. Skate conversions are becoming more and more popular as it allows for a custom setup and can save you money.

We can fit your old chassis off your inline skates on to a new or old ice skate boot. If you are interested in a convesion please contact us on 01142443005 and we can discuss your specific needs.

Prices range from £14 to £33, however the service is free if both the ice boots and inline boots are purchased from us (with a valid reciept) Skate conversions may take up to a week so please bare this in mind when leaving your boots with us.

Boot Stretching


The boot stretcher is a press like machine that pushes any area of the boot (excluding toe & heel) out a little to relieve any pressure points, most commonly on the ankle. The cost is £5 per side or £2.50 when purchased with us (a valid reciept is necessary). Stretching takes 24 hours per side so the boots will need to be left with us.

From - £5.00 per side.

Boot Riveting/Eyelets


Due to the pressure put on the boots, it is inevitable that at some point, a rivet will give way. We can normally do small repairs while you wait, any day of the week. For larger jobs, such as conversions, the boots may have to be left with us for a while.

Eyelets - £1.00 Each
Steel Rivets - £1.00 Each
Copper Rivets - £1.50 Each

Boot Heat Molding


The boot heater is used to heat the internal padding in the boot to make it soft and durable to allow the skater to have a truly custom fit boot. The heater we use blows hot air into the boot so only the internals are heated, unlike the oven systems that heat the external parts which can damage the boot. This service can be used on most boots. (Hockey or Figure skates)

Cost - £20.00